TransitMan would like to thank the following people
who have contributed to this ongoing project:

Christian French for suggesting the idea in the first place:
Karen Lewis for indefatiguable support and inspiration, and crack design and illustration skills:
Alex Martin for costume design and fabrication:
Julie Ross for indefatiguable support and inspiration as well, and for principle photography.
Jill Olkoski for exemplary web design:
Tim Marsden for Illustration and Installation support.
Stuart Baker for Videography:
• And especially, Carol Valenta and Jennifer Babuca  for their invaluable support and guidance at Sound Transit.
• Patches by Susan Spencer:
• Letterpress by Cracked Compass Productions, Seattle, WA.

The following organizations have provided generous material and in-kind support:

Sound Transit: Your regional Puget Sound Transit agency:
The Public Art Program ‘s Artist Residency
Office of Arts and Culture:
2006 City Artists Grant Program
Allied Arts Foundation of Seattle
2006  Grant for Artist’s projects
Soil Gallery:
Big Ink:
Museum Resource

Photographers who have contributed to this Project:
Amanda Osborne
Christopher Joyner
Ross Haruo
Helen Lessick
Julie Ross
John McDermott
Nic Warmenhoven
Kristen Tsiatsios

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