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Soil Gallery
112 Third Ave. South
 Seattle, WA 98104

 Contact: Claire Johnson
 Telephone: (206) 999 8084
 Kill Date: June 3, 2007

May, 2007 at SOIL
Hours noon-5pm Thursday-Sunday
SOIL Gallery, 112 Third Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98104
Opening receptions First Thursday, 6-9:00 pm

May 3 to June 3, 2007 at Soil:

Christian French, SuperHeroism: the Adventures of TransitMan

TransitmanInvestigating the power of everyday actions, artist Christian French has discovered an unlikely venue for salvation: public transportation.

Exposed to freakish Bureaucratic Radiations while serving as Artist-in-Residence at Sound Transit, the mild-mannered artist was transformed into a rogue SuperHero with a mission to save the world by
riding the bus.


SuperHeroism: the Adventures of TransitMan catalogues the
artist’s/Hero’s experiences to date and explores the questions that face
us all with regards to the choices we make on a daily basis. If it is
possible to change the world through simple acts, do we then have an
obligation to do so?

 Before you answer, ask yourself  “Do I look good in Spandex?”

Photo credit: Julie Ross 

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